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March 2014

What’s all this Carbon Jargon? by Nigel Worboys
Today we hear a lot about carbon footprints, C02 emissions, greenhouse gases and many more terms that would have been unheard of a few years ago. I would like to explain a little about  a carbon footprint and how it fits into Antiques are Green. When we produce something today the chances are that it will produce C02, which is the nasty stuff that is causing us all to cook the planet. ...
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by Sarah Percy-Davis
I’m pleased to say that our 6th annual LAPADA Conference, held for the second year in the House of Lords, was a great success. Each of the four speakers was well received and I thought their talks were engaging and full of practical knowledge. Philip Graves looked at how big brands presented themselves to their customers before focussing on what LAPADA members could learn from them to ...
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February 2014

Green Value by Lennox Cato
Having grown up within the antiques trade the thought of ever buying something new is, quite honestly, sacrilege! Why go and buy a brand new chest of drawers which as soon as it leaves the shop is worthless, when you can pay a comparable amount of money for the same type of article, but say 100 years old or more, and it will still have a certain value goodness knows how many years later. In fa...
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Near to my heart by Gail McLeod
With a 25th birthday party, an influx of some seriously good newcomers joining the backbone of original exhibitors who have created the club like atmosphere of this very special annual event, the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair is heading for a champagne cork popping, crowd pleasing, vintage event from 6-9 March 2014. This quirky but amazingly successful little fair held in the wonky old Pavili...
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Speaking at The Design Bloggers' Conference in ... by Antiques Diva
I am so excited to be speaking at the 2014 Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta on Tuesday, March 4th! The event – held March 2- 4, 2014 is the event of the year for interior design bloggers, new media innovators, and interior design industry leaders from all over the world. Other speakers include Jeffrey Alan Marks, Candice Olson, Timothy Corrigan, and Suzanne Kasler among others! T...
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Is 'Antiques' The Right Word? by Mark Hill
“Antiques. I can’t afford them and I don’t understand them.” Much has been made recently about the difficult state of the antiques market. In an increasingly fast-paced world led by interiors magazines and the pure, hard drive of commerce from high street and retail park retailers, some say antiques have fallen by the wayside. Even more so as these retailers build their...
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My name is George and I am addicted to old stuff by George Johnson
‘My name is George & I am addicted to old Stuff!’ It has taken me many years to realise but being an antique dealer is an addiction. I suppose it’s only because of the addictive nature of the trade that some of us still do it, as the antiques trade can be a wicked mistress. How many of us have been soaked to the skin while we tramp around fairs or boot sales looking for t...
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Green Plates by John Fiske
I could argue that eating off antique plates is about as green as you can get. Ceramics require a lot of energy to produce, and in the past, this energy was extremely dirty – the Potteries were among the filthiest places in 19th-century Britain. There’s a lot of embedded energy in an antique plate, and it’s dirty energy at that, so the more use we can make of this embedded pol...
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Five good reasons to buy something old today by Mark Bridge
Good vibrations – as those who are addicted already know, it is good for the soul to buy something old once in a while. Anything that has passed from hand-to-hand over the generations has built up not only a physical patina but a history of ownership that gives an extra dimension. Good workmanship - it is not true that everything was better made in the old days. In fact, a lot of things...
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ANTIQUES ARE GREEN RE-LAUNCHES TO ACCLAIM reports Antiques News & Fairs The Antiques are Green movement founded six years ago by Nigel Worboys of Worboys Antiques has been reconfigured as a brand new antiques trade association in response to an overwhelming level of global support for the initiative. The Antiques are Green site has been totally relaunched and went live on 3 January, 2014,...
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