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Green Value

Having grown up within the antiques trade the thought of ever buying something new is, quite honestly, sacrilege! Why go and buy a brand new chest of drawers which as soon as it leaves the shop is worthless, when you can pay a comparable amount of money for the same type of article, but say 100 years old or more, and it will still have a certain value goodness knows how many years later. In fact, it should be worth more, but no one can ever predict that. The main thing is it does have a resale value, where as something brand new is generally only fit for the skip or if it has managed to stay in one piece, a charity shop, and if you do ever decide to sell the antique item, irrelevant to what you sell it for, you have been able to enjoy that piece for several years and sell it on happy in the knowledge it will no doubt find its way to another deserving home.

Naturally, there are certain items, which I have to admit, are best bought from new. Beds being an obvious one and sofas, although it is possible to buy very good ‘old’ ones these days. On the whole ‘old’ is best and at the same time you are recycling and saving the planet. It is a win, win situation.

Another plus with buying something with age is it will never be completely replicated. Instead of your home being kitted out in a certain flat pack store style (!), which you know is mirrored up and down the country. Something with age will add individuality and creativeness to a room and home. It provides a contemporary home with character. I have often noticed that old pieces in a contemporary setting can be extremely effective, whereas new furniture in an old property doesn’t seem to have the same impact.
Prices at the moment are incredibly competitive; it is most definitely a buyers’ market and you will find modest pieces of Georgian furniture with modest prices to match. I would always recommend upgrading and with this current market, now is the time to embark on the antiques ladder and gradually work your way up by selling and reinvesting in better pieces. As time goes on your home will look extremely impressive, you will not have damaged the environment and you may very well have accumulated a very impressive collection.

‘Antiques are Green’ is a great platform to promote the green credentials of our industry. I wholeheartedly support their ethos and am happy to offer advice where ever required in building up a ‘green’ collection!