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I’m pleased to say that our 6th annual LAPADA Conference, held for the second year in the House of Lords, was a great success. Each of the four speakers was well received and I thought their talks were engaging and full of practical knowledge.

Philip Graves looked at how big brands presented themselves to their customers before focussing on what LAPADA members could learn from them to use at art & antiques fairs.

Nigel White discussed international cultural etiquette, packed full of witty and embarrassing anecdotes based on his experiences doing business around the world.

Sir Stuart Rose, this year’s keynote speaker, certainly delivered; waking the audience up after a delicious lunch overlooking the Thames. His 5 key tips for retail success included building trust, being flexible and adapting to change but he really struck a chord by suggesting that “Today’s customers are far from King, they are genuinely masters of the universe. They want what they want, when they want it and how they want it; if you can’t provide it you’re dead!”
Dr. Clare McAndrew, who had flown in from Dublin that morning, gave the last talk of the day, a fact filled overview of her studies on art market trends, global growth hotspots and how the UK is perceived by buyers and collectors around the world.

Judging by early feedback, we have our work cut out for the 2015 edition!
Sarah Percy-Davis