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What’s all this Carbon Jargon?

Today we hear a lot about carbon footprints, C02 emissions, greenhouse gases and many more terms that would have been unheard of a few years ago.

I would like to explain a little about  a carbon footprint and how it fits into Antiques are Green.

When we produce something today the chances are that it will produce C02, which is the nasty stuff that is causing us all to cook the planet.

When antiques were produced years ago they involved far less mechanisation and therefore, in the main far less C02 was produced. By using antiques over and over again there is no marginal production of C02- so hence a very green product.


There is still a carbon footprint produced in the buying and selling process and it is this that we want to help offset by using our Members carbon offset scheme, in addition to promoting antiques as a green product.

Now every member of The Antiques are Green  Trade Association has an annual carbon offset made in their name, in addition we plant a tree in Kenya to replace lost forests- so very appropriate for our trade.

So what is a carbon offset?

There are a number of  projects in developing countries that are designed to reduce C02 emissions, such as building green electricity power sources or rubbish recycling centres that produce green energy , these are the sort of projects  that we contribute to when making a carbon offset. All offsets are made through www.carbonfootprint.com a government recognised body.

For every member of The Antiques are Green Trade Association we annually offset a tonne of C02 in addition to planting a tree in The great Rift Valley in Kenya,  (approximately a tonne of C02 is produced by driving an average diesel car 3000 miles).

So after a few years our growing Association we will not only have greener members but also a small  Antiques are Green forest.

Download Attachment: CFP_Certificate_Kenya_Trees_AAGTA_v1.0.docx