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About Antiques Are Green

Since I founded the Antiques are Green campaign in September 2009, over 1500 antiques and vintage businesses worldwide have joined us, universally agreeing “to promote the green credentials of antiques.” It has become commonplace for the green credentials of antiques to be cited by television presenters, journalists, dealers and consumers, frequently referencing the concept of recycling the past.

Over the same period, the importance of being green has become a central component of corporate social responsibility. All businesses, whether large international corporations generating multi-billion revenue streams, or small family run businesses making valuable contributions to local economies, have become aware of the need to protect the environment. Companies nationally and internationally are actively searching for ways to demonstrate their commitment to being green.

Given the overwhelming support for Antiques are Green, and the growth in the importance of being green, it has been decided to take the Antiques are Green campaign forward. As of January 2014, Antiques are Green will operate as the first trade association to promote the green credentials of the antiques trade. From January, accredited dealers and auction houses and members of some affiliated industries will be eligible to apply for membership of the Antiques are Green Trade Association. As members they will further demonstrate their commitment to the protection of the environment, while also receiving tangible benefits, advice and assistance from the association.

As part of the expansion of Antiques are Green we have launched a new website which replaces the earlier version of www.antiquesaregreen.org. Gail Mcleod from Antiques News and Fairs has joined the team (as managing editor), together with the household names of Marc Allum, Mark Hill and George Johnson, all of whom will be committee members of the association. All have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the antiques trade and I warmly welcome them.

The Antiques are Green Trade Association will continue to actively promote the green credentials of antiques and vintage goods, in the same way that the Antiques are Green movement has since 2009. Association members will enjoy additional benefits in the form of special offers, green advice and assistance. For instance, Antiques are Green will plant a tree and make a carbon offset for each of its members on an annual basis . We have also negotiated excellent terms on green biodegradable bubble wrap for members. Subscription income will fund various benefits for association members, meaning the more members we have, the greater the difference we can make.

Being green is not only about reducing waste and consumption. Being green entails adjusting your day-to-day routine, taking small but meaningful steps to protect and preserve our environment. The antiques trade is in a privileged position in that our goods are, by their very nature, green. We must take advantage of this position and lead by example and pay respect to environment in as many ways as we can. It is my wish that Antiques are Green can leverage the green credentials of antiques, helping our members to become more and more green while also promoting the future of antiques as a green commodity.

I hope that you can join us, becoming part of our vision – a greener future for the past.

Nigel Worboys